Cover image of The Chronicles of Dinah Lee Wright Volume 1: Tales of an Old West Sorcess. Stephannie Tallent: weird west, fantasy & science fiction author. Image of a woman dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans, and a rust colored cowboy hat, looking downward. Subtle flames surround her.

The Chronicles Of Dinah Lee Wright Volume 1

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Meet Dinah Lee Wright, sorceress for hire, in this collection of five short stories.
She can’t help but get into trouble over her head, even as she traverses the fantastical landscape of the American Weird West.
Evil sorcesses? Check.
Evil ice demons? Check.
Adorable Pekingese puppies? Check.
But all she’s searching for is a place to call home.
Will you search with her?


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Events echo across worlds.

Bloody civil war on one version of Earth? Devastating plague on another? Economic free fall on a third?

The Bureau of Interworld Stabilization ensures that Prime, Earth Prime, remains just that: stable.

Free of unnecessary, unwanted disruption—or as much as BIS can control. By paying attention, identifying the small things, and intervening.

It takes a unique person to succeed as a BIS Field Agent, trained to travel to the alternate worlds beyond the Gates. It takes brains. Adaptability. And courage.

And a very special person to operate those Gates, to anchor the energies of the universe.

Don’t forget about the support staff. Trained to identify the critical flap of a butterfly’s wing.

All linked by the genetic quirk to see the Gates, travel the Gates, and work the Gates.

Meet the agents of BIS.


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Down a forgotten hallway lie rooms no one has entered. Each room contains a world waiting to be explored. Some beautiful and full of wonder, other dark and full of terrors. You won’t know which until you step inside.

So take a deep breath, and open the door…

An anthology of fifteen short stories, including my story “Dinah and the Fox Sorcerer.”

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Short story, mystery/crime

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