Cover image of The Chronicles of Dinah Lee Wright Volume 1: Tales of an Old West Sorcess. Stephannie Tallent: weird west, fantasy & science fiction author. Image of a woman dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans, and a rust colored cowboy hat, looking downward. Subtle flames surround her.

A Snowman Made of Sand

and six other sweet romance short stories

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This collections includes seven stories!
A Snowman Made of Sand
Can young rocket engineer Eliza find love, adrift and alone in California?

Love in the Time of COVID 19
Even in the midst of the lockdown and Heavy Metal Happy Hour, veterinarian Lissa finds a chance at love.

A Sip to Her Heart
Retired ER doc Lillian finds out that life, and love, isn’t always scheduled.

The Cats of His Heart
Joe had room in his heart for just one cat, his beloved Lucy. Is there room for another—and maybe a special woman too?

Knitting Into Love
Yarn-store owner Lydia just wants to get her knitting pattern written up—then love enters the Cozy Me Cozy Ewe.

Cowboy Boots and Tacos
Can graduate student Kate learn to embrace Christmas and her found family, and maybe make room for love?

Cabernet Kisses
Sometimes, when everything is going really wrong…things can go right. Especially when veterinarian Rachael has a nice glass of Cabernet in hand.

The Alchemy of Science and Mystery

The Alchemy of Science and Mystery

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Stories include

The Fox Sorcerer
Gratitude of the Ocean
A Snowman Made of Sand
The Final Test of Maria Ramirez
The Medic of the Crow City Mining Co-op