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One of the things we (husband Dave & I) like to do is plan frou-frou tasting menus with our friend Mel.

Usually it goes like this:

  • We realize we haven’t done one for a while.
  • We decide we should!
  • We come up with a theme.
  • We brainstorm recipes around the theme.
  • We divvy them up.
  • Mel goes to work picking wines (with a bit of input from us)–she has an amazing wine cellar.
  • If we opt for a welcome cocktail, I brainstorm and come up with options.
  • A mad flurry of shopping, prepping and cooking ensues.
  • I layout a printed menu. Everyone seems to enjoy these. Sample below for the 2023 Steakhouse Menu (first big dinner we hosted post-kitchen-remodel)
  • Mel sends out invites.
  • Mad day-of prep.
  • Party!

I must admit, my favorite parts are the brainstorming for theme and recipes. It’s just so much fun trying to pull the ideas together.

We did our Bubbles! dinner last night..

One of the courses I prepped a couple days ahead of time is a Granny Smith/Moscato sorbet as a between-courses palate cleanser. Made it Wednesday. It came out so tasty (and I had no idea what to do with the very sweet Moscato) I made a second quart. Here’s a link to the recipe. I subbed Laird’s Bottled-in-Bond Apple Brandy for the grappa, as I had no grappa.

That’s a pic of the Musso Lussino ice cream maker I use. Love, love, love this machine. I don’t think we’ve bought a pint of ice cream since we’ve had it.

I’ll post the final Bubbles! menu, my recipes, and pics next week.


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