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I’m interested in fashion. Sort of.

Costuming is nifty. Historical fashion is fun. One of my favorite websites is Frock Flicks.

But all of my adult working life, I’ve been able to default to uniforms (military, then vet medicine), and frankly, the lack of having to make a decision about what to wear is…nice.

But, part of being a writer now is author branding, and that includes what you wear in public at professional events (cons, workshops, etc).

Jeans, for a me, are a given. I’m from Los Angeles. What do you expect?

And turquoise. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I love my turquoise and silver jewelry. And it’s memorable.

Tank top (black) or a collared shirt (I wore black or dark blue).

A blazer to up the professional look. I bought a few J.Crew blazers off Poshmark recently for this very purpose. The black faux-leather Willa is so comfortable. But I love the gray/blue plaid one too.

And cute loafers or similar. Though I recently bought some cute sneaks that I might enter into the rotation.

And I love my big clunky readers. And I need them to see up close, anyways.

Unfortunately I didn’t get selfies every day—I was taking these just to update Dave—but these give you an idea.

Stephannie Tallent uniform: jeans, plaid blazer, black tank, saddle brown loafers

And a few other pics that catch me in full outfit:

Stephannie Tallent and Kal M WOTF 40

Me & Kal M!

First day Stephannie Tallent WOTF 40 Jody Lynn Nye

First night! Jody Lynn Nye to the right; Lisa Silverberg, Galen Westlake to the left; and Tom Vandermolen in the background.

The nice thing, of course, is that it’s easy to mix & match. That’s a big one for me. I usually do up a packing list for every trip I take, including pre-planning outfits. The less I have to pack, the better. WOTF was an aberration in that I got to bring all the stuff, and, honestly, overpacked.

Here’s my clothing packing list, with comments.

WOTF April 2024 Clothing



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