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Summer 2024 Plans!

by | May 21, 2024 | Travel, Writing | 0 comments

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of May. Writers of the Future was a month ago. It seems like forever.

So…here’s a round up of what’s coming up for the summer!

In June, Dave and I are traveling to Copenhagen and London! Dave has never been to either, I’ve not been to Copenhagen, and the last time I was in London was when I was a West Point cadet on a spring break trip with the English Department. AGES ago. Expect to see some pics here and on social media—though I want to focus on the experience, not just on documenting it, you know?

I’ve booked June and July vet work already. July seems a little light days-wise, but fine income-wise, and when I count up the number of days, it’s enough. I have to remind myself I’ve been working like crazy and it’s okay to do enough, that I don’t have to exceed enough.

And one of the reasons I don’t want to overbook myself is that I’m doing the WMG Anthology workshop in Las Vegas in August. (Yes, Las Vegas, August, the hotel/casino is perfectly nice and air conditioned and I likely won’t leave it.) (Dave’s coming along with me to Vegas. He’ll hang out by the pool (in the shade), at the casino, etc.)

For you writers out there, if you didn’t or couldn’t sign up for the in-person workshop, you can play along virtually via the WMG Writers Shop here.

Anyhoo, I’ll be writing at least one story per week starting June*  2nd for six weeks, stretching myself in a variety of genres.

I also want to write a mermaid story for Galaxy’s Edge; the window opens August 1st for WOTF winners. Plus, coming up are two separate stories for two separate anthologies, due in the fall.

Currently in the works for my own projects: an Annie Silver Diesel Punk killer mermaids novella; a Cass Jones SF novella; and a few other story ideas that don’t have a home.

I’m looking for a reprint home for “Life and Death and Love in the Bayou,” and for first rights homes for a few other stories, including my 24-hour story, “Boil Blobs VS Ship Dog 2.0.”

That’s it, so far, for the summer re: writing & working & travel! Of course there will be lazy weekend afternoons with dogs and Rosé on the deck, some beach days, and hopefully some hikes and tidepooling.


*Yes, including when we’re in England. I want to plan for success, not failure, so I will try to get a story written!


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